In order to be happy during live conversation:







Take two steps to the right.

Consider going back one where you came from.

Initiate contact.

Hesitation is for sea.

Be in the consequent.

Your lungs will be filled porous.

Anonymity is woven clear.

Despite above and all, look frontwards.

Re is a prefix Re is a prefix.

Intention was not to frighten.

Reinitiate contact.

Tilt headquarters just a tad.

Beeping is for humans.

When the crossing yields, yell backward.

If compressed, well.

If compressed, well.


Initiate contact.

Empathy comes from and not fro.

If forgotten, lunary concern.

Delirious Copernicus!



The greatest magician has ever lied?

Give it a twirl and crippled crow grew.

Hang in there.

Hold on to them.

The driven is not a given but forced.

Gulp simply in prime numbers.

Watch the clock.

Assertive concern come cornered.

Speed five runs during and after, never ever, ever before.

Go back to step 7.

Humming bird closer to home.

It?s time for 1 caressing.

Arch the main marrow in five simple steps!

Ten ways to lose track!

Never if onlys.

Pronounciation is key.

Repeat steps 5, 8 and 32 in random order.

If lost, switch destination.

Reinitiate contact.


Hunch over mellow and swarm.

Conquest is liquid remember.

Tiddle-taddle across responses.

Moon is afraid, not angry.

Hungry, hungry, starving hippos.

Extend three limbs in circumcision.

Ongoing takes a toll.






 Something magical inhales dandelions. My neck hurts sometimes, too!




bark!          RK